Dearest parents of the young muslim generation in Japan .

May this Email/letter reach you in the best condition of Iman and Taqwa.

After the success launching event in July 2016, now we have been running for 13 months – English Intensive Course started from September 26th 2016 with 31 students joining this program and the Regular School program.

This month we will be holding the briefing of Yuai IIS for the first time this year. With that, we cordially invite you to this special event. The purpose of this program is sharing details on our aims, objectives, curriculum, materials, rules,  and the facilities of the school, as well as introducing the headmaster, teachers and other staffs. The medium language will be English.

This program will be held on : Sunday, December 22nd 2017

Time : 10:00-12:00

Location : Building of Yuai International Islamic School

Address : 151-0065 Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Oyamacho 1-13

We are looking forward to seeing you. And we hope to work together in educating our children who will honour our Lord, love their parents, and benefit society Insha’allah.

Yours Sincerely

Yetti Dalimi

Principal of Yuai International Islamic School








日時 平成29年10月22日 10時~12時

場所 151-0065