The curriculum of YUAI International Islamic School empowers every student to achieve success in their learning through the development of lifelong learning skills. With Cambridge and Islamic values integrated throughout the curriculum students are encouraged to value the diversity of multiculturalism locally and globally. All curriculum guidelines are based on the Cambridge Syllabus materials and guidelines. The curriculum is implemented through both co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Core Curriculum

  • Integrated and Holistic Education System (IHES)
  • Cambridge Curriculum

Local curriculum

Japanese and Japan History


We chose IHES because IHES:

  1. Used in both formal and informal education
  2. Progress does not depend on age but on potential
  3. Provides continues development program for nursery, pre-school, primary and secondary school to tertiary level education
  4. Focuses on orchestrating learning with efficacy (effectiveness, strength, potency, force, efficiency)
  5. Can be applied in all types of education (regardless of race, color, and religion)

Focused on outcome based learning:

  1. Immersion of Knowledge
  2. Character Building (akhlaq)
  3. Skill & Competency Enhancement
  4. Academic Achievement
  5. Application in Life

Education process:

  1. Learning Process
  2. Teaching Process
  3. Coaching Process
  4. Training Process
  5. Advisory Process
  6. Consultancy Process

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Islamic environment & Islamic routines (both wajib & sunnah)
  2. Using English as communication tool
  3. Communication skill in Japanese as medium language in Japan
  4. Communication skill in Arabic as a tools to understand the holy Quran and Islamic literatur and to comunicate among muslims in the world
  5. Developing learning skills in order to create lifelong learner
  6. Integrated Character Building program: shows integrity & confident as a Muslim, independent and giving contribution
  7. Community Service as requirement for every graduation

Extracurricular activity

  1. Qur’an : recitation & Tahfidz
  2. Halaqah– a weekly programme where students belong to a group which could also be considered as usrah (family) and they study and discuss Islamic and contemporary issues not covered in class to enrich their knowledge and foster Islamic brotherhood.
  3. Motivational talk/camp-to motivate students to excel in whatever endeavor they decide to pursue and to inspire them to be the best in discipline, knowledge and virtues.
  1. Leadership talk/camp-for those holding school responsibilities so that they will carry out their duties and lead their charges with trustworthiness, sincerity and competence. We desire to groom principle-centred leaders.
  2. Ibadah camp– separate camps for male and female students under the guidance and supervision of teachers, to inculcate Islamic values, foster love of Allah and His Messengers, to appreciate the Qur’an and Hadith, to foster the spirit of ta’awanu ‘ala birr (cooperation), amr ma’aruf nahyu ‘anil munkar and compete for goodness (fastabaqu al-khairat).
  3. Umrah-trip – a religious and educational experience
  4. Cram School for the preparation to enter high school or University in Japan