YUAI Open School 2017

Dearest parents of the young muslim generation in Japan .

May this Email/letter reach you in the best condition of Iman and Taqwa.

After the success launching event in July 2016, now we have been running for 13 months – English Intensive Course started from September 26th 2016 with 31 students joining this program and the Regular School program.

This month we will be holding the briefing of Yuai IIS for the first time this year. With that, we cordially invite you to this special event. The purpose of this program is sharing details on our aims, objectives, curriculum, materials, rules,  and the facilities of the school, as well as introducing the headmaster, teachers and other staffs. The medium language will be English.

This program will be held on : Sunday, December 22nd 2017

Time : 10:00-12:00

Location : Building of Yuai International Islamic School

Address : 151-0065 Tokyo-to Shibuya-ku Oyamacho 1-13

We are looking forward to seeing you. And we hope to work together in educating our children who will honour our Lord, love their parents, and benefit society Insha’allah.

Yours Sincerely

Yetti Dalimi

Principal of Yuai International Islamic School








日時 平成29年10月22日 10時~12時

場所 151-0065





Islamic Center of Japan is pleased to invite you all to participate in a barbecue party that will be held with the aim of strengthening the bonds of love and friendship between Muslims living in Japan and our Japanese friends.

The barbecue party will include Games and entertainment.
Halal meat,halal food, vegetables, fruits, and deserts will be served.

Let’s spend a beautiful day with our friends and families.

Location: Komaba Todaimae station.
Take the Keio Inokashira line from Shibuya Station.
1 minute walk from the west gate of the station.

Date: Saturday , 6tht May 2017

Gathering time: 9:30 am in front of the West gate of Komaba Todaimae Station.

Fee of the BBQ:
2000 yen for Adults
1500 yen for Children (under 12 yrs)
1000 yen for children (under 10yrs)

Please use the account below:
Post office account :YUAI Gakuen
no. 10160-46770361

Please remit the fee before 20/04/2017

and send E-mail to elhamzawi2010@yahoo.com
with the names and number of participants(Detailed number of adults and children).



場所:駒場野公園 京王井の頭線”駒場東大前”徒歩1
日付:2017年5月6日(Saturday )
Please remit the fee before 20/04/2017


The blue skies became a witness to the launching of YUAI International Islamic School in Tokyo, on 23rd July 2016 last saturday. This school is special as it was initiated and managed by a group of Indonesian Muslimah under FGA Education Foundation, in collaboration with Islamic Center of Japan which is one of the oldest Islamic organization in Japan.

More than 50 guests attended the event, they consisted of representatives of many Muslim organizations and community members, professor and academic from Keio University, and also some guests from the elders. The event progressed smoothly and affectionately as it gave a new spirit to the Muslims in Japan.

The Launching event was also shocked by an unexpected presence of Irman Gusman, the head of DPD RI who just arrived in Haneda Airport. He immediately welcomed the on-spot invitation from Fikdanel, the vice president of Garuda Indonesia for Japan, Korea and USA Region. He went directly to YUAI Hall, where the event took place.

With full of passion, he mentioned that the quality of Japanese education is without doubt well-established, as even moral character building is well-taught. However, the Muslim youth requires more than just that. They need an education that strengthens their Aqidah and develops a spirit of Rasulullah, that is a spirit to become a person that is beneficial to others.

Furthermore, being an international school, YUAI has a very big role to play as it is the medium to educate and nurture children from various countries in a muslim minority country, Japan. The opportunity to merge, contribute and work together with different cultures without losing the teachings of Islam.

He urged everyone to work together to fulfil these dreams. Then immediately proving commitment to support the school by donating an amount of 2600 US Dollars.

The head of FGA Education Foundation, Yetti Dalimi, shed tears when delivering her speech in the beginning of the event. She emphasized on the urgency of establishing a qualified International Islamic School in Japan. The reason was that Muslims in Japan are experiencing a serious problem which she referred to as “The lost generation”, this refers to the young generation whom were born and raised in Japanese families but are going further from the values and teachings of Islam as they grow older.

Yetti hopes that this school is able to become one of the main solutions to develop muslims with excellence, happiness and pride whom are able to mix with many cultures, working together with various elements, while contributing to the society.

In line with the thoughts of Yetti, Dr. Musa Omer, former ambassador of Sudan in Japan and currently the head of Islamic Center of Japan highlighted that an Islamic School is a solution to resolve various issued faced by the Muslim parents in educating their children to become better Muslims.

The event was not only filled with presentations regarding the school and organization profiles. But was also livened by videos on daily lives of Muslim children in Japan together with a drama theatre by Muslim children aged 4 to 13 years old who were born and raised in Japan.

At the end of the event, the head of Japan Islamic Trust, Aquil Sidqi also expressed his support and gratefulness.

May the existence of this school allow the children to perform their Ibadah in peace, happiness, pride of a Muslim til one day they become ambassadors of Islam. May this first step be followed by more steps for the light of Islam to shine upon the Land of Sakura.

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