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Thousands of children from Muslim families are living throughout the country of Sakura today. In Yuai International Islamic School, We believe that this young generation is like flowers of Islam. In the future, these flowers will bloom into good Muslims whose kind heart and good manner will make people feel the beauty of Islam. With their intelligence and rich knowledge based on strong Iman, they will be able to serve humanity and contribute to the society. A good education as well as Islamic environment that can protect their Aqidah are crucial in order to nurture them and make these flowers bloom beautifully. Inshaa Allah.

Our young generations are the flowers of Islam and when they bloom, through their action and contribution, inshaAllah they would show the world that Islam is indeed rahmatan lil ‘alamin, blessings for earth and all human.

May the beauty of these flowers spread the beauty of Islam to Japan and to the world.

May your waqf become the nutrition and fertilizer for these flowers. May Allah Grant you the best reward in Jannah.

Yetti Dalimi

Head of FGA Edu Foundation

Strategic Location

Our school campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, with good access to cultural and educational museums, park, and other public facilities needed for learning. It is close to Tokyo Masjid Camii, one of the largest mosques in Japan and Islamic Center of Japan, one of the main organizations to promote da’wa and Islamic cultures in Japan. This will provide not only a good Islamic environment, but also the opportunity to experience multicultural interaction with Muslims from various nations and develop their spirit to spread da’wa in Japan.

Integrated and Holistic Education

Our school is the first and the only International School in Tokyo offering Integrated and Holistic Education that emphasizes Islamic values and atmosphere as well as intellectual excellence with globally acclaimed IGCSE curriculum format of Cambridge University U.K. As an International Islamic School, we desire our students to be excellent in whatever they do following the precept of Prophet Muhammad. Our school will nurture student to have integrity based on Aqidah and Sharia, being excellent in their expertise and as the result giving contribution to the community and the world.

Comprehensive co-curricular and extracurricular activities

The curriculum of YUAI Islamic International School empowers every student to achieve success in their learning through the development of lifelong learning skills. With Cambridge and Islamic values integrated throughout the curriculum students are encouraged to value the diversity of multiculturalism locally and globally. The curriculum is implemented through not only co- curricular activities but also extracurricular activities, such as halaqah, motivational camp and seminar, etc.

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Our Program

Based on these principles, all activities done by the students become valuable learning opportunity. Through Islamic environment and the implementation of sharia and sunnah in daily life, automatically children will feel the positive feeling about Islamic values and be encouraged to implement these values in their live. Integrated learning activity provided also help students to optimize the development of their natural potentials.

Primary School

The primary school is divided into six grades, started by age 6. The main objectives of this level are internalizing Islamic values, developing learning skills to be lifelong learner, developing understanding of science and its influence to real life, and developing useful life skills to be part of community. The Islamic values are internalized not only through Islamic subject, but throughout all daily activities in school.

Secondary School

Based on Cambridge Curriculum, Secondary School is divided into Secondary 1 (Year 7-9) and Secondary 2 (Year 10-11). However, for the first three years we plan to run Secondary 1 only. In Secondary, the school curriculum focuses on internalising Islamic value, especially in the important stage of puberty. The students should be empowered with good understanding and comfortable feeling of Islam in order to be Muslim with integrity and confidence.